Erika Winters ® Design
Erika Winters has more than 27 years of experience as an Interior Designer. The style that marks his office located in Los Angeles California is Contemporary Classic Design.
-The mission of Erika Winters® Design is to create high design environments and products with relaxed and chic spaces, thus guaranteeing the end user a pleasant experience. We have comprehensive design and construction services. In Mexico we work with specific clients who have made contact with us and we have a specific project.
-Restoration and intervention of furniture; Erika Winters has worked for years intervening furniture and turning them into splendid and comfortable pieces, taking as a principle the removal of their own spirit, in order to acquire a unique presence and transform our home. At the moment of seeing a piece, Erika finds her character and recognizes her potential. The next moment, she imagines the finished piece, and based on that image, she begins to redesign it, taking the furniture as raw material, giving it the opportunity to be reborn and become a unique piece with genuine character, and a lot of personality.
-Commercial; Erika Winters® Design has experience in remodeling gas stations that include convenience stores, offices and animal hospitals.
Erika Winters Inc. is extending her influence beyond Mexico City and is already beginning to make her mark in Los Angeles, New Jersey & New York City.
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Relationship: ClientProject Date: Mar 2017

My husband and I decided to renovate our mid-century home in WeHo after about a decade living there. We heard of Erika through some friends of ours living in Malibu. We couldn’t be happier to have hir...Read More

Relationship: ClientProject Date: Mar 2015

Erica is one awesome lady with an spectacular taste and vision. She listens to what you have to say which then is followed by some intriguing questions and then action. She tries to use what you alrea...Read More

Gabriela Carreño
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Apr 2014

Erika Winters is a very professional designer. I decided to renovate my entire house which is a house of 1942 and I wanted to keep some of the nature of the home but in a modern way. As soon as I expl...Read More

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